Boho present Divergence @ Lamps April 15

Bohemian Grove will present Divergence Jazz Orchestra in the intimate artist-run space Lamps at 401 Hibernian House on April 15. This show will include original compositions incorporating grooves from New Orleans, Mali, R & B and pop records with a throw back to your favorite old Westerns added to the mix.  Enjoy hump day with the sweet tunes of a live big band at your feet while you relax and sip on BYO beverages. When: 7:30pm, Wednesday April 15 2015

Where: Lamps is at 401 Hibernian House, 342 Elizabeth St Surry Hills

Entry by $10 donation on the door

CONDUCTOR AND COMPOSER – Jenna Cave; TROMBONES – Paul Weber (Co-Musical Director, lead), Brendan Champion, Tim Coggins, Luke Davis(bass); TRUMPETS AND FLUGELHORNS- Dane Laboyrie (lead), Paul Murchison, Luke Stephens, Paul Meo, Will Gilbert; SAXOPHONES AND WOODWINDS- Justin Buckingham (lead alto, soprano, flute), Sam Gill (alto, clarinet), Evan Harris (tenor, soprano, flute), Louis Klassen (tenor), Tim Clarkson (baritone/clarinet); RHYTHM- Luke Liang (guitar), Wilbur Whitta (piano), David Groves (bass), James McCaffrey (drums);


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