September 2017
Jenna is interviewed by Samuel Cottell for Cut Common Magazine


October 2016
John Hardaker is the first to review our new album Fake it Until You Make It read here

September 2016
Jenna Cave and the making of a big band on Australian Jazz.net
read here

March 2016
Jenna interviewed and featured in article by Samuel Cottell for Cut Common Magazine Read here

March 2016
Jenna interview published on Australian Jazz.net

December 2016
Article about Divergence Jazz Orchestra and the album Fake It Until You Make It featured in Fine Music Magazine

November 2016
Divergence Jazz Orchestra's new album Fake It Until You Make It reviewed with four stars by Jack Bowers on All About Jazz  

October 2016
Divergence Jazz Orchestra's new album Fake It Until You Make It was reviewed and featured as "Album of the Week" on Sydney arts radio station Eastside FM.

October 2016
Fake it Until You Make it rated four stars by John McBeath in a review in The Weekend Australian newspaper read here

What remains to be said about Divergence is that it enjoys an obvious advantage over most other contemporary jazz groups: like its very name it diverges from the crowd, it has its own rules and doesn’t follow trends. And so what we have is a group of young, fresh and exuberant composers and musicians who have joined forces to create their own exciting take on the world of jazz
- Samuel Cottell


May 2015
Jenna was interviewed about our performance  at the Capital Jazz Project with Miroslav Bukovsky for an article in The Canberra Weekly. See a copy here.

April 2015
Jack Bowers reviews ‘The Opening Statement’ on international jazz blog All About Jazz, rating it four out of five stars.



December 2015
Jenna featured ABC Jazz program Home Cooked talking about Ten Part Invention’s recording of “For Woody” penned by Miroslav Bukovsky Listen here

November 2015
Jenna and other Divergence members interviewed and photographed in local Sydney rag CityHub leading up to the 2015 Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival see here

June 2015
Divergence Jazz Orchestra performance at the Capital Jazz Project was reviewed in local blog CanberraJazz.net


Divergence Jazz Orchestra is remarkably strong and consistently pleasing… Cave writes with depth and maturity well beyond her years, a virtue not lost on the DJO, which carries out her wishes to the letter.
– Jack Bowers


October 2014
an extensive interview with Jenna and recordings of her music featured in a documentary by Camilla Hannan on ABC’s Radio National called Holding the Tune . Read about it or listen here

November 6 2014
ABC Jazz Broadcast a set ofDivergence Jazz Orchestra’s gig at Foundry 616 in September 2014. Read about or listen here


Divergence Jazz Orchestra, a leading Aussie big band focussed on performing new Australian music
– ABC Jazz


October 2013
Album review of  Divergence Jazz Orchestra’s ‘The Opening Statement’ by John Hardaker on AustralianJazz.net (read here)

October 2013
Jenna Cave is interviewed (about Divergence and composing) on Australian Jazz.net  (read here)

August 2013
Tatjana Clancy on ABC 666 Canberra interviews Jenna Cave about her composing career and Divergence Jazz Orchestra (read summary and listen here)

December 2013
ABC Jazz presenters Mal Stanley and Ivan Lloyd both list Divergence Jazz Orchestra’s debut album, ‘The Opening Statement’ in their top album releases of 2013(see here)

December 2013
jazz writer John McBeath reviewed ‘The Opening Statement’  in  The Australiannewspaper, rating it four out of five stars (See online version here)

October 2013
Ivan Lolyd presents Divergence Jazz Orchestra’s debut album ‘The Opening Statement’ on his ABC Jazz and Radio Australia program ‘Jazz Notes’ , marking our ABC Jazz debut (listen here)


A highly listenable album… Cave has established herself as a top-level composer, arranger and conductor in Australian jazz
– John McBeath
Apart from superb playing and compositions, it’s a technical showcase as well, it’s a beautiful recording…You must get it
– Ivan Lloyd
Jenna Cave and Paul Weber’s Divergence Jazz Orchestra is one of Australia’s keepers of the big band flame. More power to them. And now we have their (astonishing) debut…The Opening Statement is, all up, one hell of an opening statement from a group that – it is apparent – has a hell of lot more to say
– John Hardaker
Created to perform the works of Cave and other Australian jazz composers, the band is made up of some of Sydney’s brightest young players, which gives it a high-energy, bright-eyed attack, evident throughout the eleven tune set.
– John Hardaker


June 2012
Jenna writes an article in the Australian Music Centre’s Resonate  magazine about the work involved in the formation of Divergence leading up to its first performance as an ensemble (read here)

July 2012
TheOrangePress.net Publishes John Hardaker’s review of Divergence Jazz Orchestra’s Band Launch in  (read here)