Niels Rosendahl

TAKE IT IN COLOUR- Digital Release

This digital release is an EP version of Take it in Colour which was released on CD in 2006. The new EP version features three compositions by Jenna Cave (composed at the age of 21) and three works by Sally Greenaway from the original album on its 6 year anniversary. Take it in Colour was a collaborative project spearheaded by Sally Greenaway in 2005, who at the time was a jazz piano student at the Australian National University. Funded by grants from the ANU Fine Arts Student Association and the Friends of the ANU School of Music, the album was comprised of jazz compositions by Sally Greenaway, Jenna Cave, Fionna Tamin and Phoebe Juskevics. It featured performances by 24 then jazz students of the ANU School of Music (including stand out performances by Michael Azzopardi and Niels Rosendahl) and was beautifully recorded and mixed by Niven Stines.

Download individual tracks, the new 6-track EP version or order the physical CD here: Take it in Colour Band Camp Page

"I found this album fascinating in its diversity and accomplishment but also just plain entertaining."-, 2006