The Truth Seekers Return

Thursday 30th May, 8pm
Johnston St Jazz, Annandale Creative Arts Centre
81 Johnston St, Annadale
$10/$20 door tickets

Jenna Cave's (2).jpg

The Truth Seekers was formed by Jenna Cave just over a year ago as a new vehicle for performance and composition; and the addition of her voice into the sonic landscape. She's spent most of that year baking and raising a baby, and now she's ready to perform again. New original Sydney jazz, from soulful songs to melodic contemporary jazz sounds.

Jenna Cave (compositions, voice, alto sax)
Will Gilbert (trumpet)
Andrew Scott (piano)
Hannah James (bass)
Mike Quigley (drums)

"Cave has established herself as a top-level composer, arranger and conductor in contemporary Australian jazz"
– John McBeath, The Australian