For This Moment

Keyna Wilkins - Flute
Jenna Cave - Alto Sax, Voice and loop pedal

For This Moment is a new collaboration between two Sydney creative musicians and composers, Jenna Cave and Keyna Wilkins. Limited only by their chosen instruments and their imaginations, this music explores the ways in which melodic lines can meet in free improvisation to create a meaningful and cohesive musical whole. Nothing is off limits, with broad influences ranging from folk melodies to impressionism, contemporary and free jazz to minimalism, and 20th century classical music to the blues.

Keyna Wilkins is a versatile composer, flautist, pianist at home in many musical worlds. With international classical training she has branched into jazz, flamenco and free-flowing improvisation and performed with a diverse range of ensembles. Her music is published by Wirripang.

Jenna Cave is a composer, saxophonist, vocalist and conductor/band leader. She is most known for her work as the director and resident composer of the 18-piece Divergence Jazz Orchestra with their two albums featuring her music: The Opening Statement (2013) and Fake It Until You Make It (2016), receiving local and International acclaim.


photo by Frank Crews

photo by Frank Crews